El cielo de Canalejas

Madrid, EspañaCasa Decor 2021

Being under the Madrid sky surrounded by neo-Mudejar brick, limestone, wrought iron, and being observed by fauns, griffins or fruits, inspired Alterespacio to open a gap with the earthly world. Creative profusion with meaning beyond the decoration of an almost quixotic genius. El Cielo de Canalejas develops a whole journey from purgatory to judgment that ends in ecstasy to complete this enveloping experience. The flowerpots, made with Argillae and Nisus, give a good example of the multiple possibilities that the ceramic material allows.

Code Name Size Inspiration
A037696 NISUS TERRA RECT 120X120 120X120 COTTO
A037697 NISUS CORAL RECT 120X120 120X120 COTTO