Lifestyle hotel

A new generation of hotel chains and small boutique hotels are aligning their value model, based on connecting with their clients’ and guests’ lifestyles to expand the brand’s universe.


The kitchen as a vital space

People now choose to meet around a space that has changed from being separate from the rest of the house to enjoying a starring role that places it in the centre of a home’s plan.


The hyperlocal store

Stores and stores specialize with a clear style, more niche-oriented and less generalist in terms of range, with services tailored to the needs of local shoppers.


Laboratories of experience

We will see hybrid stores with more than one purpose, which serve to encourage consumers to visit the physical stores again.


The ‘phygital’ business

People still want to go to physical stores, but there will be a shift towards digital strategies.


More than an office

The idea of creating an office ‘as a service’, a space designed for multiple activities, is gaining traction.


The healthy office

The importance of creating healthy spaces that support the physical and emotional well-being of workers is growing.


Hub and spoke

Work models are in a state of flux. Over the coming decades, we will see increased flexibility in terms of work models and schedules.