Cersaie: a journey to the essence of ceramics

Esencia cerámica para el regreso a Cersaie.

A journey to the essence of ceramics. That’s what APE Grupo is proposing with its return to Cersaie. The aim is to pay tribute to the extensive journey the ceramic tile has undertaken before becoming one of the mediums that best reproduces any material.

To do so, the Castellón firm has set aside 300 square metres where ceramics will take centre stage. The traditional way of displaying a product has regained its prominence, but with careful staging.

APE Grupo is presenting 24 new proprietary collections designed by APE, Carmen and XLINING in Bologna. These are joined by the signature series Argillae, by Italian architect Luigi Romanelli, and Fado, by the North-American designer Sylvie Atanasio.

The Castellón company’s stand is a space dedicated to showcasing all the technical, functional and decorative characteristics of new ceramic products to professional visitors.

The exhibition is divided into different areas where collections are grouped by inspiration: cement, cotto, metal, wood, marble, stone, textiles and colour. Of course, without compromising the creative concept of ‘The Perfect Mix’.

Four Seasons is one of the most notable series. Inspired by the four seasons of the year, it draws the colours found in nature from marble. It’s a new creative concept that involves combining matte single-colour bases with exotic marbles. This collection is completed by Tonality, which stays ahead of the trends seen at the Milan Furniture Fair thanks to its colours.

Atelier is the most striking product by XLINING, APE Grupo’s large format. It has three stunning décors: one with floral motifs, another with abstract designs and the third with geometric shapes. Furthermore, Atelier was made using a new technique that allows porcelain sheets to be printed with a fully personalised design and very few units to be made in a single production process. Atelier is perfect for unique projects adapted to the tastes of each client.

Committed to in-house design

In Carmen, Loop is a distinctive product inspired by architectural models and 3D technology. Dahlia is another defiant, novel option that modernises the concept of the cement tile. Roxy, which is influenced by the latest trends in painted papers, is destined to be the protagonist at Cersaie.

Despite the restrictions, APE Grupo has travelled to Bologna with everything it needs to display the essence of ceramics. Indeed, José Miguel Pellicer, manager of the company, stated that the strategy “hasn’t changed from other editions. We’ve opted for design, for very carefully considered and studied collections. We’re going to Cersaie with the same intensity and effort as ever”. Furthermore, the APE Grupo’s leader hopes that the in-person fair will serve as an opportunity to “gauge the public and the market once again”.